We are always happy to receive any donation that you can give and appreciate your generosity. Here are some donation ideas that help us sustain College Consultants Care!

  • Maintain the website for 1 day (website development, content creation, housing, etc.) – $25

  • Provide materials to Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Centers and Adult Cancer Centers – $50

  • Help us establish a Scholarship fund – $100

  • Sponsor Individual Consulting Services for a Senior Student – $1,000 (min 10 months of service)

  • Sponsor Individual Consulting Services for a Junior Student – $2,000 (min 24 months of service)

  • Sponsor a workshop on the College Application Process – $1,500

Our mailing address is:

College Consultants Care
1776 Heritage Center Dr. Suite 204 I
Wake Forest, NC 27587