Many students and their families feel like this during the college admission process. Add cancer into the mix and it becomes even more so.

Missed deadlines or incomplete paperwork can mean the difference between being accepted to college or receiving financial aid. Imagine trying to tackle all of this while dealing with a cancer diagnosis or having a parent with cancer.

The average high school student is busy with school, homework, family and friends. Add long drives to treatments, managing medical appointments and double homework due to missed school. Or If you are a parent diagnosed with cancer dealing with the effects of chemo, managing appointments and possibly not being there for your student during the college application process. Applying for college stops feeling like a priority in life. Some students are successful on their own, some just give up.

College Admissions and Financial Aid Information Nights

College Consultants Care will provide College Admission and Financial Aid workshops in partnership with Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Centers across the country.

Comprehensive Admission and Financial Aid Counseling

College Consultants Care will provide expert one on one counseling with students affected by cancer, including, but not limited to, guiding college selection, the college application process, essay review and understanding the financial aid process.

Testing Strategy

College Consultants Care will provide strategies for students regarding SAT/ACT testing. Which test best meets their strengths, when to take the SAT/ACT, and how to prep for those specific tests.

  • Understand the college financial aid process

  • Understand the college admission process

  • Help students build a balanced college list

  • Research deadlines and requirements of the colleges of interest

  • Assist in applying for outside/private scholarships

  • Work with parents on understanding total costs of the school

  • Work with undergrads on pursuing a graduate degree

  • Present our Workshops on the College Application Process in group settings